"To lead the alcoholic and drug addict by example to a new way of life in the clean and sober living world"

Frank Keane


Silkworth House was founded in 1995 as a 501c(3) non-profit corporation. Founder and Director Frank Keane has spent over 25 years working with alcoholics and drug addicts in their endeavor to maintain long-term sobriety....Read MORE on What We're About

It has been my experience that next to denial on the part of the chemically dependent person the greatest barrier to recovery is the enabler. Enablers can include any of the following. Parents, grandparents, children, spouse/significant other, siblings, or any family member who is involved with the addicted person... Read MORE on the Dangers of Enabling by Silkworth House Founder Frank Keane

Consistency Breeds Success...Find out MORE of our Formulas for Success

Silkworth House has Ten Rules that residents must live by, including attendance at Daily 12-step meetings...Read MORE

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